Shawn Mayzes (Codelabs)

Shawn Mayzes

Leader / Developer


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Gastown, Vancouver, BC
Senior Lead Engineer
2016 - Present

Sycle is a leading practice management software solution. (Recently acquired by

  • Lead a team of developers to deliver results
  • In charge of code standards
  • Responsible for employee recruiting (Growing team from 10 to 30+ developers)
  • Responsible for employee education & growth


Vancouver, BC
Chief Executive Officer
2014 - 2016

Tale is a company that I started with the idea of aggregating social media content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more

  • Put together a team of partners to build an MVP
  • Daily hustle of getting customers to use our product
  • Day-to-day company operation

RedStamp Agency

Vancouver, BC
Chief Technology Officer
2015 - 2016 provides premium marketing for business of any size all across the world, including design, development, and marketing both in print and online.

  • Client Management on several projects
  • Responsible for employee recruiting
  • Responsible for employee education & growth
  • Software development in many technologies, per client needs

9Shot Golf Innovations Inc.

Vancouver, BC
Tech Lead
2013 - 2015

9Shot Golf Innovations Inc. is a small startup looking to disrupt the lesson/schedule tracking industry in the golf world.

  • Using services such as Git, AWS (EC2, S3), Jira, and Bamboo to manage, deploy, build and maintain multiple software projects.
  • Lead a team of 4 developers. Determined tech hiring roadmap and responsibilities for projected growth.
  • Set development plans with regards to Unit Testing, Pull Requests, Code Branching, Training and Peer Reviews
  • Worked with stakeholders to create technical roadmaps and scope for and
  • Worked with third party QA team( to create test plans and coverage across different browsers, OS's and Mobile Devices.

Tribal DDB

Vancouver, BC
Web Developer
2011 - 2013

Tribal DDB is an agency that is part of DDB Worldwide with focus on the interactive-web properties. (2012 Digital Agency of the Year & 2012 Interactive Agency of the Year)

  • Worked on a team of 3 developers, 2nd in command behind Tech Lead.
  • Responsible for knowing all aspects of the business in case Tech Lead was unavailable.
  • Worked with digital producers to build fantastic websites such as, and many more.
  • Worked closely with designers to produce a pixel perfect website.

Electronic Arts Canada

Burnaby, BC
Software Engineer
2010 - 2011

Electronic Arts Canada is a game production company, known for it's video games in the sports genre.

  • Using services such as Perforce and Symfony(PHP) to manage, deploy, build and maintain sites for the EA Sports Active and EA Sports MMA series. .
  • Worked on a team of 3 developers, 2nd in command behind Lead Developer.
  • Worked with a company in Brazil to work with the EA Sports platform which was the layer of data persistence between the video game and the website to build the EA Sports Active web platform.
  • Worked closely with the EA Sports web team to understand the platform and train outsourced developers.

Reinvent Technologies

Vancouver, BC
Web Developer
2007 - 2009

Reinvent is a company that owns thousands of domain names, namely and

  • T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Developer of the year for
  • Using services such as SVN, Redmine, Linux to manage, deploy, build & maintain multiple software projects. ( &
  • Worked on a team of 2 developers, 1 copyrighter & 1 designer, 2nd in command behind Lead Developer.
  • Built codebase for aggregating all Vancouver webcams through, by caching and storing all cam feeds through our server.
  • Worked on and maintained custom PHP based framework.

Global Market Insites

Vancouver, BC
Software Engineer
2006 - 2007

Electronic Arts

Burnaby / Vancouver, BC
Web Developer / QA Tech
2004 - 2006



PHP, Laravel, MySQL, HTML, CSS, AI, Web Sockets


PHP, Laravel, MySQL, HTML, CSS
The slack community For laravel developers & more.


PHP, Laravel, MySQL, HTML, CSS
Slack Community for DevOps Professionals, and growing!


PHP, Laravel, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Really Good 404

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Property Management Canada


Hockey Addicts

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, HTML, CSS

PHP Addicts

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, HTML, CSS


Get in Touch

Shawn Mayzes

I'm currently available for advisory or training work.

I can help with the following:

  • Technical leadership
  • Back-end development with PHP/Laravel
  • Front-end development with VueJS
  • Code Standards / Training
  • UI development
  • UX prototyping