API Resources in Laravel

EventBase, Vancouver, BC
October 2017

Shared details about a new feature in Laravel 5.5 that helps with API development by creating a resource that allows you to manage and manipulate the data you wish to make visible.

Stored Procedures in Laravel

Invoke, Vancouver, BC
April 2017

Shared details on how to work with Stored Procedures in Laravel. Covered the pros/cons as well as how to programatically hydrate a Laravel model with a Stored Procedure.

An Animated Introduction to Dependency Injection

RED Academy, Vancouver, BC
June 2016

Gave a talk with an introduction to dependency injection, with graphical examples.


LaraChat Live

The cloud
Feb 2016 - Present

LaraChat live is a bi-weekly live videocast with the members of LaraChat and the PHP community. Each show is available on YouTube and also is converted into a podcast for easy podcast listening.

Video Interviews

Interview with Shawn Mayzes

The cloud

Interview with Cal Evans.

Get in Touch

Shawn Mayzes

I'm currently available for advisory or training work.

I can help with the following:

  • Technical leadership
  • Back-end development with PHP/Laravel
  • Front-end development with VueJS
  • Code Standards / Training
  • UI development
  • UX prototyping